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16 07 05
air pump

DEFLATE INFLATE MADE IN CHINA Splash R Quick Air Pump Function: Double Action PISTON AIR PUMP Double efficiency Half of the time spent compared to traditional piston pumps Capacity approx. 2x2000cm3 Model: #9474 Volume: 2x2.0L Nominal Pressure: 0.6 bar Impag Hong Kong Ltd TÜV Rheinland Product Safety G geprüfte Sicherheit S To inflate: Rubber boats Air rings Inflatable mattress etc. To Deflate: Please change the air tube from the connector at the mainbody to the connector at the handle. Maintenance: Unscrew the cap and pull it out together with the piston. Clean the inner cylinder and the piston and take care that the sealing rings are always lubricated. For assembly please place the piston carefully into the cylinder. CE B

14 07 05


13 07 05

Advantage Artica Oral-B C 8

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