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25 03 03

JammyLand 60 East Third Street New York, N.Y. 10003 (212) 614 0185 U.S. POSTAGE PAID NEW YORK, NY 10009 MAR 20.'03 AMOUNT $4.80 00054551-04 UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE 9140 AIR MAIL PAR AVION RIJK VAN KOOY VOORTHUIZENSTRAAT 8 1106 DK AMSTERDAM HOLLAND NETHERLANDS LC598931979US United States Postal Service Customs - CN 22 (Old C 1) May be opened officially (Peut étre ouvert dóffice) See instructions on Reverse Cut Detailed Description of Contents Value (US $) Compact disc 3 Weight (Poids) Total Gift (Cadeau) Merchandise (Marchandises) Commercial Sample I certify that this item does not contain any dangerous article prohibited by postal regulations (Signature) PS Form 2976, June 1997 CN 22 (Old C1) Do not duplicate without USPS approval. No. 1 JET PAK Padded Mailer Self Seal Recycle after use Made from 100% recycled paper DADB Pull Tabs To OPEN iVEX IVEX PACKAGING CORPORATION Partners in Performance 7 01484 00012 7

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